armtrackr 2020

Lifestyle Solution for 24 Hour Remote Patient Monitoring

armtrackr 2020 uses the latest medical-grade sensors and AI algorithms to deliver continuous heart rate, blood pressure, ECG (lead 1), HRV, Stress levels and Vascular Elasticity and AFib risk, and even sleep hygiene (quality); plus all the metrics you’d expect from a smartwatch like step counter, calories, activity levels and so on. 

An armtrackr 2020  constantly relays its data to our mobile application, which then uploads it to our centralized and secure HIPAA-compliant dashboard where it can be accessed to monitor your patients’ heart, health and lifestyle information. 

Helping you make the best choices for patient

Real time ECG/PPG

ECG sensors measure the bio-potential generated by electrical signals and PPG sensors use a light-based technology to sense the rate of blood flow. Delivers report on demand

Heart Rate/BPM

Real time, continuous heart rate monitoring allows you or your care provider to watch out for anomalies and be alerted if needed

Blood Pressure Monitor

Calibrate for reliable readings on demand


HRV Reporting

Uses AI algorithms to detect Heart Rate Variability

Sleep Monitoring

Worn 24/7 armtrackr™ will detect both quality and quantity of sleep

SOS Alert

If the patient feels unwell or at risk, they can easily trigger an alert to friends and family or their healthcare provider

armtrackr 2020 system available 2nd quarter 2020.

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armtrackr 2020 remote patient monitoring wristband

Simple to administer to patients with a minimum of onboarding time and patient education. This easy to wear, lightweight and water-resistant device provides help and peace of mind to patients. Its practical functionality encourages positive health and lifestyle choices, leading to better patient outcomes. Charging takes around 30 minutes in any standard USB socket without any additional wires and lasts for up to 7 days of regular use. This makes for one of the most practical and unobtrusive lifestyle devices that patients will love to use, making your monitoring of the patient more comfortable and data-rich.

armtrackr 2020 personal health app

Available on both Android and Apple iOS platforms this easy to use application acts as a personal lifestyle and health companion for your patient, while relaying armtrackr 2020 wristband data to our HIPAA-compliant Cloud Servers allowing you to view patient health and heart patterns remotely. As well as recording and relaying all vital metrics, the app allows up to 10 reminders each day for medicines or other positive lifestyle activities

Many studies have shown that people with health and lifestyle applications tend to do more exercise. The app reinforces this pattern, as the patient is aware you are monitoring them gives an even higher level of personal health accountability.


  • Key Components

    Nodics 52832 BLE Chip, ECG+PPG Sensor, Bosch 3D Sensor

  • Display

    0.96 TFT color display

  • Battery

    100mAh lithium battery

  • Charging Time

    1.5-2 hours

  • Operation Type

    Multi Touch

  • Waterproof Range


  • Strap Material


  • Strap Color

    Black/Dark Blue/Red

  • Use Enviroment


  • Package

    1x Device, 1x Manual, 1x Color Box

armtrackr 2020 system available 2nd quarter 2020.

Become an early adopter of the armtrackr 2020 system and drop your email in the box below and we’ll keep you informed.