The YesDoctor™ Platform

The Advanced Remote Monitoring RPM solution combines wearable technology, an App on the patient’s phone, and a proprietary Cloud-based, Hipaa-compliant IoT platform called YesDoctor™ Dashboard,  where the doctor or caregiver can log in and view their patient’s vital signs remotely, potentially saving lives, cutting costs and unnecessary hospital visits and improving bottom line revenues for doctors. 

Advanced Remote Monitoring can offer the physician (and their patient) a range of hardware solutions to measure vital signs from heart rate, to blood pressure, ECG, glucose monitoring and so on. These connect to the app which in turn connects through the Internet to the YesDoctor™ platform where the doctor can log in in view them in in real time. 

The armtrackr™ smart wristband is one such product. It has its own comprehensive app which the patient can read and connects to the Cloud. The data from the watch is then relayed via the app to the Cloud allowing the doctor to remotely monitor his patient, and bill for it!

Finally, Advanced Remote Monitoring completes the Circle of Care using RPM, providing through its Partners in Health and sister companies additional high touch facilities as well as high tech solutions, with the provision of nurses or other staff as required to provide maximum comfort to the patients.